What is a career coach and why are there career services at Sequence?

Career Coaches or Counselors are individuals with backgrounds in a range of fields, including counseling, business, human resources, management, employee assistance and more.

Coaches may meet over a period of weeks or even months with an individual, and help in organizing the multiple aspects of job seeking. They may provide a tangible service or address workplace performance through sustained leadership coaching. In our Greater Washington area culture where expenses are high and advanced degrees are common, many adults find themselves traveling unfulfilled or draining career paths, and these adults often need support, guidance, and accountability ensure their workplace experience is constructively matching with who they are, and where they want to go. The Career Services Consultants at Sequence offer this critical bridge to professional well-being.

Is coaching the same as therapy?

Yes and no. It is confidential, individualized and does focus on areas of strength as well as areas where assistance is needed. You should feel your coach understand who you are professionally, and be able to focus their expertise on your interests and goals.

Coaches maintain professional conduct but are not offering treatment. They may be understanding of the impact of mental health issues, or life stressors, on workplace performance, but they do not offer treatment specifically for such. They may share their perspectives and opinions more freely, use examples from their own work, or meet by phone or Skype exclusively.

Do coaches use assessments?

Coaches tend to develop a preference for instruments that they feel will help individuals gain basic, or in-depth understanding of their skills, interests, temperament, problem-solving style or interpersonal skills. Assessments are selected to provide additional information to inform the work. At Sequence, our coaches tend to use the following tools, some of which require specific training and certification. This list is updated as new resources come available.

  • Skillscan
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator I and II
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • EQi-2.0

Do career coaches write resumes?

Our career coaches are very good at suggesting editing and language updates for a resume and will assist with considering what to add, and what to leave out. Because writing a very good resume can be a daunting task, the skills for which are often far different from the skills one possesses for the actual job, at Sequence we offer professional writing services. A certified resume writer conducts an interview and writes a private sector resume, or the much more complex federal government resume. We find this positively impacts job searching with shorter job search times and interviews that result in job offers.

Is career coaching insurance reimbursable?

No. Therapy services provided by a licensed clinician are when addressing issues such as anxiety or depression in the workplace, but a diagnosis is then also required, and the services are intended to treat this diagnosis. At Sequence, our coaches may work alongside our therapists to support an individual client and are happy to accept referrals from other therapists outside of the practice.

Do you offer Leadership Coaching or Employee Wellness programs?

We are happy to do both. Long term coaching for executives and entrepreneurs is offered on-site or by phone, and Sequence also offers on-site wellness programs such as team building, strategic planning, constructive problem solving, diversity and multicultural awareness, and "mindfulness mediation in the workplace" training. We are happy to tailor such services upon request.

See more on our Career Services page of our website, or visit our Eventbrite site to see upcoming career-related workshops: