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Executive Coaching Advise in Featured Articles:

2020 Group Facilitator for The National Institute of Health (NIH) Office of Intramural Training and Education

The New York Academy of Sciences- Mental Wellness and Health Webinar

In September 2020, three of our staff members presented this webinar in conjunction with the New York Academy of Sciences!

The pressure, competition and stress experienced by graduate students puts them at high risk of mental health issues. The lack of effective mentoring, uncertainty of jobs post graduation, toxic work environment, and limited community support takes its toll and causes several scientists to deal with anxiety and depression. Often graduate students are expected to self-identify methodologies of coping with this pressure and their lack of understanding and low access to professional guidance impacts their professional and personal growth.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What we know about mental health and wellness amongst the Graduate Community?
  • Ways in which you can cope with anxiety and depression?
  • Resources to understand and balance work stress

Click here to access the webinar!

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  • The School of Life- The School of Life is dedicated to exploring the great questions of emotional and psychological life. We believe in developing emotional well-being through ideas and discussion.




  • Healthy Minds app - free app , researched based by a team of neuroscientists at University of Wisconsin which helps develop a calmer, more resilient mind for everyday living.
  • Ted Talk - Angela Duckworth: The power of passion and perseverance.
  • TinyBuddha - app offering practical tips and advice for coping with life's challenges. Over 1.5 million users.