Career & Leadership Development

Sequence offers a variety of programs and supports for individuals interested in job search and career transition skills.

Also offered throughout the year are programs to support your organization's workforce wellness, and enhance the leadership skills of your top-level management team members.

SEQUENCE uses an expert team of career and workplace consultants to facilitate these programs. These professionals have diverse backgrounds which include the Federal Government, Corporate Human Resources, Employee Assistance, Non-Profit Leadership, Executive Coaching,  and Program Development.

Our goal is to promote workplace success for individuals, small businesses and organizations.


The professional team at Sequence LLC are delighted to offer these seminars to build stronger teams and better leaders in public and private workplace settings. Sessions are generally 75 to 90 minutes in length. Cost varies slightly based on instructor certification level, materials and supplies, and the number of participants.  We are happy to discuss more about the programs offered and determine what is the best fit for your organizational needs. An individualized proposal with costs will be prepared once a request has been made. Scheduling seminars generally requires a minimum 30-day notice to ensure adequate scheduling and materials. Retreats require 60-days notice. Below are examples of current program offerings.

  • Half-Day Seminar (3.25 hours):
    • Pick 2 sessions (time includes break)
  • Full-Day Seminar (7 hours):
    • Pick 4 sessions (morning and afternoon break, break for lunch, no speaker)
  • Retreat (2 Consecutive Days)

Offers 8 Sessions total; including 2 break-out industry organization-specific sessions, lunchtime speaker on the first day, wellness offerings on second-day lunch break (Ex. chair massage, meditation session, hands-on “Art & Science for Grown-Ups’ table)

  • NOURISH YOURSELF: Caring for Yourself and Your Team When Caring for Others is Your Job
  • LEADING WELL: Self Care for Leadership Staff
  • TRAIN THE A-TEAM: Problem Solving Skills Enhancement for Teams
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF: Communication Skills Training
  • Minds That Matter: Raise Mindfulness and Boost Emotional IQ
  • Developing a Personal Wellness Plan: Set Intentions for Self-Care  
  • Mindfulness Meditation: Learning to Push the Reset Button on Being Calm and Staying Present 
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries: Expectation Setting for Ourselves and Others  
  • Constantly Communicating: Movement and Tone, How Our Face and Body Tell More Than Our Words
  • Expressive Art Exercise: Bring Creativity and Responsiveness Into The Workplace
  • Difficult Conversations: Listening to Understand, Overcome Defensiveness, Build Connection
  • Emotion Coaching: How Adults Teach Children Emotional Regulation and Raise Emotional IQs 
  • Action Learning Coaching (NOTE 2 session format required): Action Learning Model To For Problem Solving Strategies to Build Strong, Flexible and More Productive Teams, Led by Action Learning Certified Coach
  • Myers Briggs Type Inventory: Learning About the Types, Working with Others of Same or Different Types, Led by MBTI Certified Trainer
  • DiSC Personality Assessment (NOTE 2 Session Format Required): Leading Tool for Improved Productivity, Teamwork, and Communication, Led by DiSC Certified Trainer

Note: Many sessions include working with a partner or small group, and some degree of physical movement and activity. Some require a pre-session assessment be completed. Please ask us which sessions combine best with others, and some do require two consecutive sessions for completion.

Programs For General Public Offered at The Sequence Meeting Room or Online

Ask the Coaches: Questions About Your Career

Join the Sequence Institute's Professional Career Coaching team for a Virtual Q&A session to get your career questions answered!

Monday, February 13th, 2023
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

Ask the Coaches will be a quarterly event through the Sequence Institute starting this Fall. Register to get direct access to our incredible coaching team's insight, ideas, and advice. This event is open to adults at any career or experience level. Attendees are encouraged to request individual coaching services from our providers for additional one-on-one support.

Ask questions such as:

  • What industries are hiring?
  • Should I apply to the federal government and private sector at the same time?
  • Can I negotiate telework along with salary?
  • What can I do to position myself to advance where I am?
  • How important is LinkedIn these days?
  • Where else can I look for positions?
  • Should I leave a job before I have a new job?

The Career Coaching Team includes Becky Roth, CPC, LMSW; Pascale Brady, CPCC, MBA, PCC; and Lex Levin, CFRW, MA.



Everything you need to succeed is already inside you – you just have to access your inner power and make it happen.