Group Counseling

Recognizing that being in the presence of others is vital to learning and growth, Sequence offers both traditional therapy groups and support groups. The distinguishing factor is the degree of focus on mental health issues, the background of the facilitator, and the coverage of fees by a health insurance provider. Sequence offers group therapy as an addition to individual therapy, or in some cases, as a stand-alone service. Group therapy is insurance reimbursable and offers a more complex and relational method of therapeutic support, enhancing the growth and development of participants in important ways that lead to long-lasting positive effects. Sequence also at times offers "support groups" which may be led by a member of our professional life coaching team and focus on issues such as stress management, wellness, career or other specific areas of concern,

Our list of current groups offered is below. Please scroll down for details. 

To register for a group call 240-200-5401 ext 3, or email to and the group facilitator will reply


SHADES OF SEQUENCE: A Connection Workshop for Black Mothers

Shades of Sequence creates a safe, accepting environment for African American mothers. You’ll leave with tools to help you stay confident, live in healthy relationships in and out of the home and present your best self to your children so that they can be their best.

Individual situations will certainly differ, but the need for community and a safe place to express emotions and develop skills is universal to all Black women. This group provides the space for learning, understanding and hope for the future.

What: The full package includes

  • 1 introductory 1:1 meeting (held the week of September 4)
  • 8 weekly classes
  • Shades of Sequence “Toolkit” e-mailed to you for use in meetings
  • 1 closing 1:1 meeting (held week of November 6, 2022)
  • Ongoing support from group facilitator, Danielle Boucree, MSW, LCSW-C, MBA during the duration of the workshop
FacilitatorDanielle Boucree, MSW, LCSW-C, MBA
Day and Time: Sundays, 4:30-5:30pm
Where: Virtual
Fee: $1500 covers 2 one on one meetings and 8 group workshop classes for 10 hours total (paid in two installments of $750 each; prior to introductory 1:1 and at the midpoint)
Phone: 240-200-5401 Ext 713


All of the below listed therapy groups are currently enrolling new participants for the summer and fall. To learn more or to register for a therapy group, please contact directly by email or phone the group therapist/facilitator listed. They are happy to discuss if this is the right option for you, and will suggest other resources if it is not.

Shoulder to Shoulder: Support in Grieving
This in-person group is offered to support and promote healing for grieving adults who have lost a significant other, be it a family member, parent, spouse or friend. Stages of grief and mindfulness techniques will be applied to help manage emotional pain and connect to the present. This is an open group, with new members joining as needed, and prospective participants are asked to contact the facilitator before attending their first session to ensure that this will be an appropriate and comfortable setting. This group is not intended to offer therapy to persons who have lost a minor child, but referrals for such services will be offered as requested.
FacilitatorGabriel Chernoff, LCSW-C
Day and Time: Mondays 7:00 pm
Where: Tower Oaks, 3204 Tower Oaks Boulevard, Suite 250, Rockville, MD 20852
Fee: $80 per session, Insurance reimbursable
Phone: 240-200-5401 Ext 712


Healing Space : A Women's Trauma Recovery Group
This twelve-week, virtual group serves as a place to give and receive support while processing and healing from traumatic events and experiences. If you have suffered in childhood or as an adult; from abuse, violence, injury or other traumatic experience, you are welcome. This group offers education around the ways in which trauma affects our mind, body and soul, explores the stages of healing and offers work on healing through art, movement, mindfulness, readings, journaling, and the shared experience.

Participants are pre-screened and may be referred to individual therapy prior to starting the group therapy. Participants may attend subsequent groups as desired. Each individual participant determines the level of detail regarding their personal trauma they wish to share, but everyone will gain coping skills, healing and support. This group is open to Maryland and Virginia residents. Please contact the facilitator to schedule your 45-minute, $75 intake screening.

FacilitatorMarissa Keilson, LCSW-C
Day and TimeTuesdays, 5:00-6:15 pm
Fee: $80 per Group session, Insurance reimbursable
Phone240-200-5401 Ext. 704

All group therapy services qualify for out-of-network benefits through your private insurance coverage. Fees are generally between $80.00 per session unless otherwise noted, payable at the time of services or in advance.

Support groups may vary in fees but are generally lower at $45.00 per session, payable at the time of service or in advance.