Family & Parenting Supports

SEQUENCE is proud to offer our Parenting From the Heart Services. When we ‘parent’, we enter a world with amazing challenges and rewards. Our carefully tailored supports for you as a parent are for many of the unique moments along this journey. While our services are designed for parents, we do maintain an active database of local providers serving children with whom we refer and collaborate as needed. Services may be offered to couples or individuals.

Our mission to promote healthy and happy individuals, families, and communities starts here.

Family Therapy

Sequence family therapists will start with the parents, meeting individually or together, to determine the scope of the issues and the history behind presenting systems. Depending upon the age of the child or adolescents, the work may continue as parent coaching without the child present, include one or more children for family sessions, or move between single-member sessions and family sessions as issues are carefully worked through. Structure, boundaries, and healthy modeling of how to talk over issues and create solutions will be ever-present and directly taught. Relationship and emotional regulation skills are at the center of our work with families.

Parent Coaching

This service is generally offered via virtual (telehealth) services to parents wishing for help on dealing with school issues, behavioral issues at home, sibling or peer relationships, and behavioral or developmental challenges. Parent coaching may include advise on accessing mandated services through the public school system and effective advocacy strategies to secure support for your child.

Programs and Workshops for Parents

Bringing Baby Home

A remarkable program that covers everything new parents need to know as they welcome their first child and lay the foundation of this new phase of their relationship with confidence. Learning together they can prepare to work as a team and manage the many emotional changes and stressors they will face while reaping the joy and fulfillment inherent to becoming parents. Facilitated by Couples Therapists & Certified Gottman Institute Educators. This program can also be offered for an individual couple as a tailored couples therapy program.

Mother's Mind

This therapist-led weekly group is for mothers of newborns to assist in the transition to parenthood. Therapy supports, discussion, and mindfulness techniques are offered.

Mindfulness Hour For Parents

Offered in 4 session blocks, this program is for learning and practicing basic mindfulness skills and applying these to your role as a parent, in the company of other parents. Each session includes mindfulness skills practice, as well as discussion about what mindfulness is an how it can become a part of your daily routine and part of your connection to your child.

Emotion Coaching

Work with a therapist to learn, over a 4 session process, the tools and techniques to effectively parent your child or toddler through high school age. Using the Gottman Emotion Coaching program and other tools, and personalized to your own family experience, you will develop ways to help your child mature emotionally in ways that increase their emotional and physical health and create connection and success.

Click here - Utilize the Gottman Institute video program: Emotion Coaching

100% Parenting 50% Of The Time: "Parenting When Divorced" Group

This class/support group is for parents who find themselves in a home without their children 1/2 of the time, who wish to stay connected to their kids and keep the spirit of family alive. Included is a viewing of the documentary 'Split', a video that is made to help children and parents navigate the complex experience of separation and divorce.  Discussion of this video and the accompanying parent workbook is covered in the class.

"SPLIT gives us the children's perspective on adults, no experts...just kids speaking the powerful truth of what is on their minds and in their hearts. Their wisdom, candor, and humor will give courage to other children, and encourage parents to make better choices as they move through divorce. A GOLD MEDAL Parent's Choice Awards."

Click here: Purchase Split Film

Parenting Well When You are Depressed or Anxious

An educational/process group offered to help adults at any stage of parenting learn strategies to strengthen their parenting skills and decrease the effects of their depression or anxiety on their role as a parent. Six 90 minute sessions, insurance reimbursable. Therapist facilitated

Common parenting issues addressed:
  • Transitioning to becoming parents
  • New Dad transitions, the role of father
  • New Mom issues, postpartum issues
  • Parenting children with social/emotional issues
  • Parenting children with disabilities
  • Parenting gifted children and "twice gifted" children
  • Promoting healthy sibling relationships
  • Co-parenting after a separation or divorce or upon remarriage
  • Parenting the older adolescent or young adult towards independence
  • Balancing multiple demands of career and parenting

All services qualify for out-of-network benefits through your private insurance coverage. Rates vary based upon provider, all providers accept direct payment for services from the clients as out of network providers for services that are 60 (CPT code 90837 or 90847) or 45 (CPT code 90834) minutes in length, usually meeting on a weekly basis.