Assessment and Resource Links


The following assessments are utilized by Sequence coaches to develop comprehensive career search and workplace enhancement planning. Many are offered online, with links provided by your Career Services professional when accessed through a subscription service.

Coaches will schedule an interpretive session to review results and weave these findings into a comprehensive strategic plan to achieve your personal career-related goals.

Many of these assessments are also available for workplace team development and are offered to organizations as a part of team building packages.

  • Myers Briggs Inventory Type I & II:  To assess the interplay of personality characteristics in the workplace
  • DiSC Workplace personality style, For Self Understanding and Teambuilding
  • Strong Career Interest Inventory "I Start Strong” to Determine Career Interests and Values
  • EQ-i  Emotional Intelligence  based on the work of Daniel Goldman, these tools used for workplace role enhancement
  • EQi-360 Provides feedback
  • Profiler 360 Leadership Competency Tool
  • Discovery Leadership 360
  • Clifton Strengths Finder
  • SkillScan

Assessment Fees: Vary based upon the instrument used (retail value) and length of interpretive session, usually 1-2 hours in length.


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Assessment fees vary, and individual coaching clients will be quoted a price per assessment prior to the assessment being provided.

Group pricing is offered when assessments are included in our organizational consulting projects.