This monthly group for new fathers won’t actually confer super powers, but it will help to build a stronger and more joyful new dad. Meeting monthly on Wednesday evenings for 90 minutes, this ‘guy’s only’ space is a place to learn about babies, and spouses, and the changing relationships this transition brings. This is also a space to discuss the financial and emotional pressures that come with fatherhood. Breadwinner to co-parent to stay-at-home Dad, the options and expectations on fathers are at an all-time high. Rarely do men get a private space to check in with one another and develop strategies for thriving in this new role. This group is the place to give and receive that support.

The group is led by Gabriel Chernoff, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (and father) with many years working with individuals, couples and groups. Mr. Chernoff is also a trained educator of the renowned Gottman Institute's "Bringing Baby Home" program which he offers with his co-facilitator Anchal Khanna LCMFT at the Sequence offices and in the community. Helping individuals and couples navigate the transition to parenthood is an area of skill for Mr. Chernoff, with a special emphasis on the often overlooked critical role of fathers in the experience of creating and nurturing an emotionally healthy family.

The frequency of this group is intended to prevent scheduling burdens on fathers, while providing a space for true connection-a bit of a balancing act to create! To support this effort fathers are asked to participate in a pre-screening phone call prior to group attendance, and to commit to attending a minimum of 3 groups per quarter ( at least 3 out of 4 groups) to ensure membership continuity. Members may continue to commit in 4 month blocks through their child's first 18 months. These sessions may be insurance reimbursable, please discuss this option with Mr. Chernoff when registering.

Fathers are welcome to bring their infant to any meeting as needed, whatever works for each participant at any given time is fine.

Day & Time: 
$85.00 per session, Insurance reimbursable
Gabriel Chernoff, LCSW-C
240-200-5401 ext. 706