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Often the best learning occurs in the company of others, in a class like setting or a time limited or single offering workshop. Sharing ideas and experiences can create a powerful catalyst for change and deepen the value of what we learn. Listed below are training and educational experiences offered through the Sequence Institute followed by the details of current programs.

For information about current or previous offerings, or to inquire about becoming a Sequence Institute Instructor, please contact  Anchal Khanna, LCMFT, Director of the Sequence Institute. 240-200-5401 ext 711 or



The Sequence Institute of Learning and Education can bring mental health, wellbeing and team building trainings to your organization, thereby fostering a cost-effective way to reach a larger group of people, enhance the skills and wellbeing of your employees, and strengthen your organization. Previous Sequence clients range from government organizations and private sector international companies to  pre-primary schools and health related support groups.

If you would like more information on these trainings including the fees and applicability or want to consider creating something that is unique and customized, please contact :

Kathleen Landers, Executive Director, Sequence  Counseling and Consulting Services at  240-200-5401 ext 4, or  

Anchal Khanna, Director, Sequence Institute of Learning and Education at or at 240-200-5401 (ext 711).

Programs can be customized your needs. Below is a list of current options:

Mindfulness For Your Wellbeing

This program introduces participants to the positive effects of mindfulness on work, attention, relationships and productivity. Facilitators will lead the group into some mindfulness practices that can be realistically and simply applied to our day to day lives. 

Length: 60 - 120 minutes

Mindfulness Practices

Facilitators can come on-site to lead mindfulness practice/s for small to large groups at times that are convenient for the organization. This is a practice and not a didactic training. Can also be offered to specialty groups such as new parents, individuals with health concerns like diabetes, or other groups.

Length: 30, 45, 60 minute options

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour course that teaches participants to identify, understand and respond to a variety of mental health issues. This course is interactive and is a combination of didactic instruction and active learning modalities like videos, role plays and group exercises.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for Work Groups

Access to our on-line Myers Briggs assessments can be combined with a dynamic workplace presentation where your workforce develops awareness of their individual personality type, while developing better working strategies for creating a productive and constructive workplace. Long considered a cornerstone of workforce development, we combine this MBTI training with fun team-building activities, mindfulness training for stress management, and strategic planning to navigate change or organizational restructuring.



At Sequence we value ongoing learning and professional development highly. Our team of professionals attend weekly training meetings, and have access to our extensive 500+ volume resource library. The skills and experience of our team can be accessed for individual and small group supervision.

Supervision offered by:

Kathleen Landers LCSW-C: Clinical Supervision, Business and Clinical Practice Coaching

Gabriel Chernoff LCSW-C: Clinical Supervision 

(both of the above are certified by the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners to offer supervision towards clinical licensure)

Anchal Khanna LCMFT: Clinical Supervision

Becky Roth LGSW, CPC: Professional Coaching


The Sequence Institute maintains a 500 plus resource library for the use of the counselors and therapists at Sequence, to enhance their learning and ongoing skill development. These resources are also available for individual supervision, for curriculum development in both professional and lay-person training workshops, and as a resource for our Sequence clients. Our Resource Specialist maintains this library and will work with the Sequence providers to create resource lists as needed. Please contact for any specific requests.



Offered to provide participants with skills and knowledge relevant to specific areas of their lives that are also addressed through our individual therapy, couples therapy and coaching services. Workshops offer the opportunity to learn in a group setting and information is presented in a comprehensive, easy to follow model.

Workshops material is also offered through individual services. Please contact the workshop facilitator to discuss these options.

Career Starters


Are you a new or recent graduate asking yourself that question? This two and 1/2 hour workshop helps to prepare young adults and recent graduates for an effective entry into the workforce. This workshop covers:

Strengths and Values Assessments with discussion of career path exploration 

Volunteering and Internship opportunities to build subject area credibility and networks

Resume and cover letter writing guidelines and tips

LinkedIn profiles and other uses of social media for networking

Other successful networking strategies, including tips for "Introverts"

How to create opportunities through "informational Interviewing" 

Interviewing techniques and tips

Negotiation strategies for accepting a job offer

Skills for declining a job offer that keep future options open

Entry level positions worth considering


This workshop allows participants to explore a range of topics and design their strategic plan of action. Register by clicking the "Register Online" button.



Day & Time:
September, October and November dates, see the registration form for details
Becky Roth, MSW, LGSW, CPC, Michele Pulaski, MA, NCC
Career Re-Starters

TIME FOR A NEW CAREER! This two hour workshop provides a great career jump-start for anyone in a mid-career transition or re-entering the workforce. For less than the cost of a regular career coaching session, participants get two hours of instruction. Topics cover the key elements of a successful career re-boot. Scheduled during the week, this morning workshop reviews and discusses how to handle gaps in your resume, targets your most effective networking strategy, resume and LinkedIn development and review, trends in the current workforce, and best practices for job searching. 

Register by clicking the "Register Online" Tab and select the date that works best for you.






Day & Time:
Monday mornings, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm; check registration page for upcoming dates
Becky Roth, MSW, LGSW, Certified Professional Coach
240-200-5401 ext 700
Bringing Baby Home

A research based, nationally regarded program for couples new to parenting and/or parents expecting their first child. This program is designed by renowned couples' therapists John and Julie Gottman of the Gottman Institute,

At Sequence these programs are facilitated by expert couples' therapists and our certified Gottman Facilitator team  Mr. Gabriel Chernoff, LCSW-C  and Ms. Anchal Khanna, LCMFT. Please visit our website staff page to view their bios and learn more about each facilitator:

This hands on couples workshop provides written material to keep, a chance for discussion with the facilitators and other parents, and the carefully thought out curriculum covering issues in detail. A comprehensive and evidence-based program, participation prepares couples to become successful as parents while they strengthen their relationship as a couple.

The program is offered throughout the year 2 hour topic based seminars, couples may attend one or ongoing seminars. 

Sequence also offers the material through private family therapy sessions. Offered in two to six 75 minutes sessions, scheduled as day or evening appointments, couples apply the techniques of the Gottman Method to their relationship, while covering the below listed themes of the Bringing Baby Home program to prepare and adapt to parenthood. These sessions are billed at a reduced couples therapy rate and are insurance reimburseable. Offered by both Gottman Educators,  please contact the provider directly to schedule therapy sessions or call 240-200-5401 ext 1.


Transition to Parenthood

Managing Stress and Conflict Resolution

Emotional Communication and Children

Making the Magic Last


Additional details, dates and fees available by clicking on the registration link.

Day & Time:
Offering in 2 hour and 6 hour seminars or as parent coaching to couples in 75 minute sessions
Listed on the registration site
Gabriel Chernoff, LCSW-C , Anchal Khanna, LCMFT
240-200-5401 ext. 706 Gabriel, 240-200-5401 ext 711 Anchal,
Working MAMA

Managing a successful career while balancing the needs of family can present many challenges and can at times be quite isolating. The "Working Mama" Group is designed for women in a community or metropolitan area who seek to forge new relationships with working moms outside their place of employment.

    This consistent group of women will meet monthly on a Friday morning for six months. Offering support and quidance to one another under the skilled leadership of an expert group facilitator, these session provide an opportunity for connection, growth and resilience with effects felt long after the sessions have concluded.

    Designed by professional career coaches who are also working mothers, these workshops are usually offered in the workplace setting. Sequence is pleased to be able to offer this program in the privacy of an off-site location, with the opportunity for women in differing career fields to be able to experience this rewarding and nourishing program.

Note: This program is most effective when the members have children within a similar age span due to developmental and lifestyle considerations. This current group is limited to mothers with one or more elementary school aged children. For information about offerings for mothers of other age groups, please contact the presenter directly.

To learn more please click the registration link below or contact the presenter.

Day & Time:
6 Session Series 2016: Jan 29, Feb 26, March 18, April 29, May 20, June 10
View registration site for program specific fee
Mimi Darmstadter, MA, PCC
240-200-5401 ext. 704