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Often the best learning occurs in the company of others, in a class like setting or a time limited or single offering workshop. Sharing ideas and experiences can create a powerful catalyst for change and deepen the value of what we learn. Listed below are training and educational experiences offered through the Sequence Institute followed by the details of current programs.

For information about current or previous offerings, or to inquire about becoming a Sequence Institute Instructor, please contact  Anchal Khanna, LCMFT, Assistant Director of the Sequence Institute. 240-200-5401 ext 711 or



The professional team at Sequence LLC are delighted to offer these seminars to build stronger teams and better leaders in public and private workplace settings. Sessions are generally 75 to 90 minutes in length. Cost varies slightly based on instructor certification level, materials and supplies, and the number of participants. Please contact us at or 240-200-5401 Ext 3 for more information. We are happy to discuss more about the programs offered and determine what is the best fit for your organizational needs. An individualized proposal with costs will be prepared once a request has been made. Scheduling seminars generally requires a minimum 30-day notice to ensure adequate scheduling and materials. Retreats require 60-days notice. Below are examples of current program offerings. 
Half Day Seminar (3.25 hours): 
Pick 2 sessions (time includes break) 
Full Day Seminar (7 hours): 
Pick 4 sessions (morning and afternoon break, break for lunch, no speaker) 
Retreat (2 Consecutive Days)  
Offers 8 Sessions total; including 2 break out industry/organization specific sessions, lunchtime speaker on first day, wellness offerings on second day lunch break (Ex. chair massage, meditation session, hands on “Art & Science for Grown-Ups’ table) 
• NOURISH YOURSELF: Caring for Yourself and Your Team When Caring for Others is Your Job 
• LEADING WELL: Self Care for Leadership Staff 
• TRAIN THE A TEAM: Problem Solving Skills Enhancement for Teams 
• EXPRESS YOURSELF: Communication Skills Training 
• MINDS THAT MATTER: Raise Mindfulness and Boost Emotional IQ  
• Developing a Personal Wellness Plan: Set Intentions for Self-Care  
• Mindfulness Meditation: Learning to Push the Reset Button on Being Calm and Staying Present 
• Creating Healthy Boundaries: Expectation Setting for Ourselves and Others 
• Constantly Communicating: Movement and Tone, How Our Face and Body Tell More Than Our Words 
• Expressive Art Exercise: Bring Creativity and Responsiveness Into The Workplace 
• Difficult Conversations: Listening to Understand, Overcome Defensiveness, Build Connection 
• Emotion Coaching: How Adults Teach Children Emotional Regulation and Raise Emotional IQs 
• Action Learning Coaching (NOTE 2 session format required): Action Learning Model To For Problem Solving Strategies to Build Strong, Flexible and More Productive Teams, Led by Action Learning Certified Coach 
• Myers Briggs Type Inventory: Learning About the Types, Working with Others of Same or Different Types, Led by MBTI Certified Trainer 
• DiSC Personality Assessment (NOTE 2 Session Format Required): Leading Tool for Improved Productivity, Teamwork and Communication, Led by DiSC Certified Trainer 


Note: Many sessions include working with a partner or small group, and some degree of physical movement and activity. Some require a pre-session assessment be completed. Please ask us which sessions combine best with others, and some do require two consecutive sessions for completion. 

If you would like more information on these trainings including the fees and applicability or want to consider creating something that is unique and customized, please contact :

Kathleen Landers, Executive Director, Sequence  Counseling and Consulting Services and The Sequence Institute at  240-200-5401 ext 4, or  

Anchal Khanna, Assistant Director, Sequence Institute of Learning and Education at or at 240-200-5401 (ext 711).

Programs can be customized your needs. 


At Sequence we value ongoing learning and professional development highly. Our team of professionals attend weekly training meetings, and have access to our extensive 500+ volume resource library. The skills and experience of our team can be accessed for individual and small group supervision.

Supervision offered by:

Kathleen Landers LCSW-C: Clinical Supervision, Business and Clinical Practice Coaching, Board Approved Clinical Supervisor

Daryl Ellen Gincherman, LCPC, Board Approved Clinical Supervisor 

Anchal Khanna LCMFT: Clinical Supervision

Becky Roth LGSW, CPC: Professional Coaching


The Sequence Institute maintains a 500 plus resource library for the use of the counselors and therapists at Sequence, to enhance their learning and ongoing skill development. These resources are also available for individual supervision, for curriculum development in both professional and lay-person training workshops, and as a resource for our Sequence clients. Our Resource Specialist maintains this library and will work with the Sequence providers to create resource lists as needed. Please contact for any specific requests.



Offered to provide participants with skills and knowledge relevant to specific areas of their lives that are also addressed through our individual therapy, couples therapy and coaching services. Workshops offer the opportunity to learn in a group setting and information is presented in a comprehensive, easy to follow model.

Workshops material is also offered through individual services. Please contact the workshop facilitator to discuss these options.

Leading Well: Experiential Wellness Training for Leaders
Leadership: To be in a position of responsibility for the professional lives of others, to lead an organization towards its mission, helping to guide and grow it. Attend this morning workshop to learn about self-care methods that heal burn-out, prevent conflict and stress, and create a renewed sense of 
purpose and connection to your work. 
Personal Wellness 
This morning workshop will cover the fundamentals of creating a Wellness Plan for yourself, and a call to action to let this be your guide along the path 
of career success. The program includes hands-on training, and ideas and suggestions tailored just for you. 
Workplace Wellness 
This program also addresses promoting wellness in your workplace, providing ideas of how this can be fostered and grown and what you can do to really 
enhance your company for all who have met the call to serve it.
Visit the registration link to see the program agenda, information about location and the presenter, and RSVP for the follow up networking luncheon
Day & Time:
Friday May 25th 9:30am-12pm
Pascale Brady, PCC, CPCC, MBA
240-200-5401 ext 703
The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work


The Seven Principles Program for Couples is a one day couples retreat, a workshop based on the internationally acclaimed research of Dr. John Gottman as presented in his New York Times bestselling book-The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. This educational workshop has reached thousands across the US and abroad supporting couples who wish to strengthen their relationship. Designed to help couples improve their friendship and conflict management skills, this program is offered throughout the year by the Sequence Institute for Education and Learning.

The format includes lectures, demonstrations, videos and private couples exercises. The activities are fun, insightful and informative. This is not a therapy group, participants will not share personal information to the group. Please contact us before enrolling with any questions about the appropriateness of this workshop as it is not intended for couples in high conflict or distress, and we will guide you to more suitable supports as needed.

The program is lead by the Director of Sequence, a trained Leader of the Seven Principles Program, with assistance in management of the day from the couples therapists of Sequence, all of whom are experienced at using the Gottman model within their counseling work. To Learn more about the Gottman Method visit

Day & Time:
February 9th 9-4:15 pm
395.00 per couple
Kathleen Landers, LCSW-C
Career Starters

This dynamic and interactive 2 hour workshop is a confidence and skill building experience for young adults to craft a strategic and successful entry into the workforce.  Questions get asked and answered, individual circumstances can be addressed, and participants can share ideas and techniques!

This workshop covers:

  • Strengths and Values Assessments with discussion of career path exploration

  • Volunteering and Internship opportunities to build subject area credibility and networks

  • Resume and cover letter writing guidelines and tips

  • LinkedIn profiles and other uses of social media for networking

  • Other successful networking strategies, including tips for "Introverts"

  • How to create opportunities through "informational Interviewing" 

  • Interviewing techniques and tips

  • Negotiation strategies for accepting a job offer

  • Skills for declining a job offer that keep future options open

  • Entry level positions worth considering



This workshop is intended for young adults and recent graduates who are establishing their professional goals and new to their professional field. The facilitator is Michele Pulaski, MA, NCC. To learn more about Michele visit:

During the workshop the presenter shares trends in the current workforce, and teaches best practices for job searching that are great for the young adult motivated to develop their professional image and start out their career on the right track.


Register by clicking the "Register Online" button.



Day & Time:
Upcoming dates can be found on the registration site:
Michele Pulaski, MA, NCC
Career Transition Success

Does the sequence of your success include a career restart? Get ready with this 1.5  hour workshop.

A great career jump-start for anyone in a mid-career transition or re-entering the workforce. Designed for mid career professionals, and at half the cost of a single career coaching session, all the key elements of a successful career re-boot are reviewed. Scheduled during the week, this morning workshop reviews and discusses how to handle gaps in your resume, and identifying and connecting your transferable skills. Target your most effective networking strategy,discuss resume and LinkedIn development and review, trends in the current workforce, and best practices for job searching. 

This workshop is facilitated by Becky Roth, MSW, LMSW, CPC. To learn more about Becky visit:

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Day & Time:
Upcoming dates can be found on the registration site
Becky Roth, MSW, LMSW, Certified Professional Coach
240-200-5401 ext 700
Bringing Baby Home

A research based, nationally regarded program for couples new to parenting and/or parents expecting their first child. This program is designed by renowned couples' therapists John and Julie Gottman of the Gottman Institute,

At Sequence these programs are facilitated by expert couples' therapists and our certified Gottman Facilitator team of Kathleen Landers, LCSW-C,  Gabriel Chernoff, LCSW-C  and Anchal Khanna, LCMFT. Please visit our website staff page to view their bios and learn more about each facilitator:

This hands on couples workshop provides written material to keep, a chance for discussion with the facilitators and other parents, and the carefully thought out curriculum covering issues in detail. A comprehensive and evidence-based program, participation prepares couples to become successful as parents while they strengthen their relationship as a couple.

The program is offered throughout the year 2 hour topic based seminars, couples may attend one or ongoing seminars. 

Sequence also offers the material through private family therapy sessions. Offered in two to six 90 minutes sessions, scheduled as day or evening appointments, couples apply the techniques of the Gottman Method to their relationship, while covering the below listed themes of the Bringing Baby Home program to prepare and adapt to parenthood. These sessions are billed at a reduced couples therapy rate and are insurance reimburseable. Offered by any of the Gottman Educators,  please contact the provider directly to schedule therapy sessions or call 240-200-5401 ext 1.


Transition to Parenthood

Managing Stress and Conflict Resolution

Emotional Communication and Children

Making the Magic Last


Additional details, dates and fees available by clicking on the registration link.

Day & Time:
Offering in 2 Hour Sessions, 5-7 "Happy Hours" on Fridays in February 2019
Listed on the registration site
Gabriel Chernoff, LCSW-C, Anchal Khanna LCMFT, Kathleen Landers LCSW-C ,
240-200-5401 ext 3
Focus On The Federal Government: Job Searching

Are you curious about finding  a job in the Federal Government? Not sure what departments are hiring, or how to apply? Are your private sector skills transferable, or do you need specific training?

Spend 2 hours with Lex Levin, MA, CFRW, learning about positions within the federal government while getting many of your questions answered.

A former federal government employee with the State Department, and now Career Coach and professional resume writer (certified federal government resume writer) to learn the nuts and bolts of job seeking within the federal government. 

What You Will Learn:

  • The divisions and departments within the federal government, and which ones are still hiring.

  • Where you can look for current openings.

  • How networking works in finding a federal government position.

  • How your private sector position/skills can transfer

  • Understand level and grade in federal government positions.

  • Learn how applications and resumes work when applying for a position in the federal government.

  • Q & A Session.






Day & Time:
Registration for Next Session and More Details
Lex Levin, MA, CFRW
240-200-5401 ext. 708