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SEQUENCE Staff - Kathleen Landers MSW, LCSW-C
Founder & Executive Director
SEQUENCE Counseling, Wellness and Career Services
SEQUENCE INSTITUTE for Learning and Education
Individual, Couples & Group Therapist
Executive Coaching
240-200-5401 ext 4

Kathleen Landers offers individual, group and couples therapy in addition to career and organizational consulting. She is also licensed by the State of Maryland to provide clinical supervision to... view full bio

Individual, Family, Group and Couples Therapy
Adults & Adolescents
Level II Gottman Trained Therapist
240-200-5401 extension 706

Gabriel Chernoff, LCSW-C, is a licensed clinical social worker providing psychotherapy at SEQUENCE to  adults, adolescents, couples and groups. He also works with families.

Gabriel... view full bio

Anchal Khanna, MS, LCMFT
Director of Sequence Institute
for Learning & Education
Individual, Couples and Group Therapist
Level III Gottman Trained Therapist
240-200-5401 ext 711

Anchal Khanna MS, LCMFT is a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist with over fourteen years of experience as an individual and couples therapist, group facilitator and trainer. She works... view full bio

Sumi Holman
Individual, Family, Couples & Group Therapy
Adults & Adolescents
Prepare/Enrich Trained Facilitator
240-200-5401 ext. 705

Ms. Sumi Holman LCSW-C is a licensed clinical social worker with eight years experience in the mental health field. Throughout Sumi’s career she has taken a special interest in learning about how... view full bio

Daryl Ellen Gincherman
Individual, Couples, Family and Group Therapy
Adults & Adolescents
Prepare/Enrich Trained Facilitator
Level I Gottman Trained Therapist
240-200-5401 extension 701

Daryl Ellen Gincherman has training and clinical experience working with individuals, families and groups on a wide range of challenges. She has particular interest in working with teens and... view full bio

Career Coaches and Professional Services | top

Becky Roth, MSW, LGSW, CPC
Director of Career Services
Certified Professional Coach
Career and Life Coaching
Workshop Facilitator
240-200-5401 ext. 700

Becky Roth is a certified professional coach bringing a wealth of experience to her position at SEQUENCE. She provides individual career, life and group coaching services. With over sixteen years... view full bio

Career Services Consultant
Career Coach
Federal Government & Private Sector Resumes
Workshop Facilitator
240-200-5401 ext. 708

A highly skilled career coach and resume writer, Lex's areas of expertise includes interview preparation, networking, career option analysis, Federal Government resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and... view full bio

Chaz Pitts-Kyser
Career Services Consultant
Private Sector Resume and Cover Letter Writer
240-200-5401 ext. 703

Chaz Pitts-Kyser is a Certified Professional Resume Writer who has crafted resumes and cover letters for professionals of all levels and in a host of industries. Her desire to work one-on-one with... view full bio

Administrative Staff | top

Resource Specialist

Dana Robinson, MSW is a social worker with over 30 years experience working in school and private practice settings in the Washington Metropolitan area. Dana works with the Sequence providers to... view full bio

Nancy Cohen
Billing and Office Management
240-200-5401 extension 702

With a 30 year career as an administrative professional Nancy has worked in very large and rather small organizations. She has worked at Marriott and for the Pharmacists Association, as well as at... view full bio