Parenting Well When You Are Depressed Or Anxious

Parenting Well When You Are Depressed Or Anxious

The next session is staring mid January!


Format: This 6 session group is open to parents who are coping with their own anxiety and depression and would like to learn techniques to manage and mitigate the effects of this on their children. Understanding children at different developmental stages, discussion of how anxiety or depression might impact or parenting techniques, and ways ensure we are able to be present and healthy in our parenting roles will be discussed. Participants will be offered homework and healthy practices to promote optimal learning.

Membership: is limited to 6 participants, and a pre-screening phone call is required to ensure the group is a good fit. This group is offered 3 times per calendar year. This is a co-ed group, and can include parents of children of different ages, which enhances the learning experience for all.

Facilitator: This group is led by Kathleen Landers, LCSW-C. A therapist with 30 years of experience working with children and their parents and skilled in the treatment of anxiety and depression, Kathleen offers information, techniques and a safe place to practice and consider news ways of coping and interacting in the role of parent.

Day & Time: 
6 Sessions Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm
75.00 per session, 6 session group.
Kathleen Landers, LCSW-C
240-200-5401 ext 4