• Summer is a time of transitions, the ending of a school year and the goodbyes that go with it,  the preparation for college students heading home, only to leave again as the warmth months unwind. Families meet for vacation and part again. Summer can be a chance to catch our breath, connect, and assess the many changes of the last year. Transitions fill our days in small ways as well, and the attached article offers wonderful ways to use these transition "windows". Big or small transitions, all deserve a moment to reflect and catch our breath as we move through our life.

  • Click on the above link to see our Autumn Newsletter featuring 3 programs geared to support adults through the divorce experience.





  • Autumn is a season of change.

    The air around us cools, light softens, and colors brighten to red, orange and gold. We may find ourselves turning inward, preparing our emotional “supply” for the seasons ahead. We may be in new schools or thinking of new jobs or projects to undertake. As fall fills with holiday celebrations of family, the harvest and the New Year ahead, we at Sequence wish you a season of strength, reflection and connection.

  • SEQUENCE is delighted to celebrate our one year anniversary in our wonderful suite.  Our mental health, wellness and career services continue to address the needs of the individuals we serve, in many facets of their lives.