Couples Counseling & Parenting Supports

SEQUENCE is honored to be a 2014 “Best in Rockville” award recipient in the category Marriage Counselor


Couples CounselingCouples counseling services are a cornerstone of the services at SEQUENCE. The relationship with our partner can be the most significant factor predicting the course of our future life satisfaction.

Our couples’ services address the different stages of this journey. We support relationships, building this bond with compassion and fortifying it during times of trouble.

Each of the therapists at Sequence are trained in the Gottman Method of Couples Counseling through Level I, which offers a framework for understanding the dynamics that occur in relationships.

Our therapists who specialize in couples work mainatin training at the highest level. Whether individual or couples therapy is sought, each therapists is prepared to help relationships grow stronger.

Couples therapists will also use techniques from other evidence based models, such as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Issues addressed in couples therapy may include:

  • Premarital Counseling
  • Communication Issues
  • Infidelity, Recovery from Affairs
  • Intimacy Concerns
  • Financial Concerns
  • LGBT Couples
  • Couples of Different Cultural Backgrounds
  • Interfaith Couples
  • Parenting Challenges (See parenting section below for a list of issues and resources)
  • Caregiver Concerns

Couples sessions may be 60, 75 or 90 minutes in length, and may be offered weekly or biweekly.  These are insurance reimbursable services through your out-of-network coverage offered by your health insurance plan. Session fees may vary by provider and length of session.


A unique service of Sequence, couples in high conflict in which each partner would benefit from concurrent individual work may be assigned a "TRIAGE TEAM" composed of a couples therapist and two individual therapists. Their work will overlap to support the couple to speed the healing and repair work that has led them to a crisis point. Working from a shared theoretical framework and with a collaborative practice model in place, this team will provide each other with clinical case support and guidance, while maintaining individual confidentiality for the partners' individual work. This approach increases the consistency of the messages and goals between the individual and couples therapy. Creating this safe and comprehensive support for a couple in crisis amplifies the therapeutic benefits of the work. Each service is insurance reimbursable, there is no additional charge for this team system approach. 


Assessments and Techniques utilized as part of our Couples Services:


Relationship Counseling:

  • Gottman Style Couples Counseling                                       
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy


Often used for pre-marital couples and those who wish to gain a greater understanding of their relationship. An online assessment taken by each member of the couple, followed by review of the assessment with our trained facilitators who are licensed therapists. Couples gain a deeper awareness of themselves and their partner and the nature of the relationship they have created. Tools for communication and strategies for problem solving key issues are identified, setting the path for increased intimacy and strength as a couple.

Package Rates: $100.00 Covers the initial online assessment which must be completed before the first session. This fee includes the assessment review and a personalized report to keep. The results of this assessment are addressed over the course of 5 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes, offered for $650.00. Additional sessions for in depth coverage of specific areas are available upon request, offered at $130.00 per session. As this program is offered by a licensed mental health provider these sessions are insurance reimbursable. Please call 240-200-5401 ext 1 to schedule.

  • Myers Briggs Personality Inventory for Couples

Often used in the workplace setting, Myers Briggs offers a unique and complex understanding of the facets of our individual personality and how we interact with the world around us, in both successful and unsuccessful ways. Understanding how our "type" matches up with other types is helpful in the workplace, but can be eye opening with our significant other, creating space for true understanding and teamwork as opposed to confusion and frustration about why the one you love doesn't do it "your way". Interpretation offered in a coaching context rather than as couples therapy.

The Gottman InstituteCouples in distress benefit tremendously from complex and nuanced therapy with a skilled therapist who specializes in couples therapy. The Gottman Institute offers on online assessment used by Sequence therapists in cases of conflict and emotional distress. Each member of the couple privately completes the hour long assessment online, the results are correlated and confidentially sent to the therapist in the form of a detailed document used by the therapist that outlines  areas of  strength as well as concerns and develops treatment plan recommendations for the most effective couples therapy possible.

Assessment Rates: $75.00 Covers the cost of the online assessment, the review of the material by your couples therapists. Your therapist will review the results and develop a plan of action in session during the initial assessment phase of treatment.

Gottman Approved Member





Parenting Support

SEQUENCE is proud to offer our Parenting From the Heart Services. When we ‘parent’, we enter a world with amazing challenges and rewards. Our carefully tailored supports for you as a parent are for many of the unique moments along this journey. While our services are designed for parents, we do maintain an active database of local providers serving children with whom we refer and collaborate as needed. Services may be offered to couples or individuals.

Our mission to promote healthy and happy individuals, families and communities starts here.

Common Parenting Issues Addressed:

  • Transitioning to becoming parents
  • New Dad transitions, the role of father
  • New Mom issues, postpartum issues
  • Parenting children with social/emotional issues
  • Parenting children with disabilities
  • Parenting gifted children and "twice gifted" children
  • Promoting healthy sibling relationships
  • Co-parenting after a separation or divorce or upon remarriage
  • Parenting the older adolescent or young adult towards independence
  • Balancing multiple demands of career and parenting





In addition to services to individuals and couples, we offer groups and workshops. Please review the information below about a specific workshop or program offering:


Bringing Baby HomeA remarkable program that covers everything new parents need to know as they welcome their first child and lay the foundation of this new phase of their relationship with confidence. Learning together they can prepare to work as a team and manage the many emotional changes and stressors they will face, while reaping the joy and fulfillment inherent to becoming parents. Facilitated by Couples Therapists & Certified Gottman Institute Educators.


This therapist led weekly group is for mothers of newborns to assist in the transition to parenthood. Therapy supports, discussion and mindfulness techniques are offered.


A monthly therapy/support group for new fathers to help with the adjustment to parenthood and the evolving role of father.



Work with a therapist to learn, over a 4 session process, the tools and techniques to effectively parent your child, toddler through high school age. Using the Gottman Emotion Coaching program and other tools, and personalized to your own family experience, you will develop ways to help your child mature emotionally in ways that increase their emotional and physical health and create connection and success.

Utilizes the Gottman Institute video program: Emotion Coaching



Sequence is pleased to support the documentary Split, a video that is made to help children navigate the complex experience of separation and divorce. The film may be purchased for private viewing through the link below, Sequence also offers free screenings and discussion groups of this video, and uses this video and the accompanying parent workbook in our work with divorcing families and in co-parenting situations.

"SPLIT gives us the children's perspective on adults, no experts...just kids speaking the powerful truth of what is on their minds and in their hearts. Their wisdom, candor, and humor will give courage to other children, and encourage parents to make better choices as the move through divorce. A GOLD MEDAL Parent's Choice Awards.

Next Free Screening November 3rd 6:30 pm

Purchase Split Film


Working MAMA

Building a successful and satisfying career and personal life can present “competing commitments” for parenting professionals. The "Working MAMA (Metropolitan Area Working Mother’s Alliance) program is designed by professional coaching and working moms for high achieving working moms who seek to forge new relationships with working moms outside their place of employment and cultivate positive, unique opportunities for achievements in life.

Offering support and guidance to one another under the skilled leadership of an expert executive coach and seasoned facilitator, the group coaching format provides an opportunity for connection, growth and resilience with effects felt long after the sessions have concluded.   Each group meets monthly for six months with each month dedicated to exploring a different relationship and behavioral changes that support personal and professional goals and growth.  Pre-work and complementary reading resources support the monthly conversations.



Borrowing many techniques from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), this workshop mixes humor and mindfulness to build resilience to manage the everyday stresses that parent's face, enhancing participants ability to "stay in the moment" and parents from a place of true awareness. Facilitated by MBSR Trained Therapist.



An educational/process group offered to help adults at any stage of parenting learn strategies to strengthen their parenting skills and decrease the effects of their depression or anxiety on their role as parent. Therapist facilitated. 



Supportive services for new moms, new dads and all the twists and turns of parenting , offered in 30 or 45 minutes webinars you can watch while baby naps or junior is at  soccer practice or workshops at Sequence or at another location. Topics are based upon issues common to the journey of parenting, and may be abbreviated versions of what is offered through our on-going groups and workshops. Below is a list of our program, contact us at the link above or at 240-200-5401 ext 3 to learn more.

Grumpy Mommy: How to move into parenting gracefully

Solving Sleep Issues: Newborn -12 months

Helping Grow Lifetime Sibling Bonds

Parenting Well When You Are Depressed or Anxious

Becoming a Stress-Proof Parenting Team

Apply Mindfulness to your Parenting Bag of Tricks

Parenting The Gifted Child

How to Talk So Teachers Will Listen and Listen So Teachers Will Talk

Helping Your Parents Become Awesome Grandparents


Sequence supports our community and parents. In 2016 we are an exhibitor and presenter at the Montgomery County "Infants and Toddlers Resource Fair" in Silver Spring. 

Sequence is a professional member and donor to the Montgomery County based "Parent Encouragement Program" or "PEP", which offers parenting classes for parents of children 3-18


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