Are you struggling in some facet of your life?

Is your relationship to your spouse or partner in conflict?

Is your career feeling like a challenge, rather than the path to success and fulfillment?

Has parenting your children become overwhelming?

Does you child struggle with self esteem, school performance or learning differences?

Are you feeling anxious or depressed, and worried things can't change for the better?

Would you like to live more mindfully, and be present and connected to the positive aspects of your life?


The experienced Therapists and Counselors at Sequence have helped hundreds of individuals improve the quality of their lives and experience lasting change.

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"Who knew life could be this happy?  Not perfect, but happy :-) Thank you for helping me get my life back on track."     -SG Bethesda


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SEQUENCE Snapshots

June 2017

As spring quietly nudges at the beginnings of summer, and the long hours of light add to our sense of possibility, Sequence is bustling with activity.

Our therapy staff are a wonderful group who excel at individual and couples work, and who can be found meeting weekly to discuss strategies to ensure their services are of the highest quality, or discussing resource ideas to share with the clients they serve. When in the office you may hear laughter and the sharing of personal news with one another, as our providers stay grounded and practice self care and the art of connection in their own daily life. Later this summer we hope to see our therapist ranks grow a bit more, we will announce additions here, and we look forward to the addition of a psychiatrist to the group in the early fall.

Our career coaching staff continues to expand, with individuals who excel at coaching for job seekers as well as those enhancing leadership skills, and professional resume writers who are able to craft the written word to help move others forward towards their goals. Also taking a team approach, working in a group practice that spans disciplines keeps everyone connected to resources, ideas and best practices. Each member of the career services team offers individual and group services, so the workshop agenda is building for later this summer and fall.

We continue to infuse Mindfulness into our services,  as we teach self regulation techniques to the individual with anxiety, or methods to stay in the present moment to a couple striving to reconnect. We add this method to our techniques for the client practicing for the critical job interview or next professional opportunity. We are delighted to have expanded our corporate Mindfulness  At Work program offerings to help adults thrive and flourish in their workplace, and we hope to add some elements of this to our website soon!

Here's to a happy, sunlight filled summer of possibility for you! (Or at least a warm rainy day with a bright umbrella and lots of opportunity to kick up your heels in the puddles!)



Why The Fibonacci Sequence?

When I was choosing the name for a group practice that combines the best of services offered to individuals across different touch points of their lives, I considered many names and logos. The name Sequence jumped out at me as reflective of the "Sequence" our lives take, through childhood and adulthood, through love and loss and wisdom hard earned, and moments of true joy if we are so fortunate.

We experience childhood and adolescence, are a... continue reading Art and Science Meet


  • Summer is a time of transitions, the ending of a school year and the goodbyes that go with it,  the preparation for college students heading home, only to leave again as the warmth months unwind. Families meet for vacation and part again. Summer can be a chance to catch our breath, connect, and assess the many changes of the last year. Transitions fill our days in small ways as well, and the attached article offers wonderful ways to use these transition "windows". Big or small transitions, all deserve a moment to reflect and catch our breath as we move through our life.