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SEQUENCE Snapshots

Hello Summer! Warm air, sunshine galore, lush and green views and crickets at night!

We hope that summer brings a chance to relax and restore yourself.

Here is the latest news about what is going on at Sequence:

Kathleen Landers is busy as usual. Our Director has just offered an "Everyday Mindfulness" workshop to the employees at BroadSoft Inc. in Gaithersburg for their Wellness Fair. Mindfulness in the workplace was the topic. The information was well received ( see the review on our Career Services page) and Kathleen is looking forward to presenting on this valuable topic again soon. Mindfulness is an important elements of her practice and that of the other therapists at Sequence.

In fact, Anchal Khanna LCMFT will be offering a "Mindfulness for Parents" workshop free to the public this summer, July 16th at the Silver Spring Civic Center as part of the annual Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Fair. Kathleen Landers will also be presenting that day, "Building a Stress-Proof Parenting Team" and we will have a table in the main hall where we will be raffeling off a great CD & Workbook Set from the Gottan Institute called EMOTION COACHING : helping parents become emotion coaches for their children. Sequence is pleased to participate in this resource fair as part of our service to the Mongomery County Community.

Kathleen will also be presenting in Williamsburg later this summer at the annual SENG Conference. This organization supports gifted individuals, the acronym stands for Supporting the Emotional Needs of The Gifted, a topic near and dear to Kathleen's heart as a therapist working with numerous gifted and highly sensitive individuals over the years. Kathleen's presentation will be "Guiding The Gifted Adult in Therapy".

Becky Roth is offering two Career Workshops, one in June and one in July. Her June offering is the Career ReStarters program for adults returning to the workforce or transitioning careers, perhaps after a job loss. In July she will be offering a special program to young adults called Career Starters, similar to our other career workshop, this one is designed specifically for the young adult who is setting the stage for a successful start to their career, with a focus on the basics of networking and presenting oneself in the best light, while determining what is the right path for a satisfying career. Click on links to either program from our Career & Resume Services Page.

Lex Levin has joined us as our Federal Government Resume Writer, welcome Lex! We look forward to offering his services to adults interested in a position with one of the fine federal government organizations in our area, or individuals who are seeking advancement within one of these organizations. Look for more information about Lex on our professional staff page or visit the Career & Resume Services page to see service details.


Why The Fibonacci Sequence?

When I was choosing the name for a group practice that combines the best of services offered to individuals across different touch points of their lives, I considered many names and logos. The name Sequence jumped out at me as reflective of the "Sequence" our lives take, through childhood and adulthood, through love and loss and wisdom hard earned, and moments of true joy if we are so fortunate.

We experience childhood and adolescence, are a... continue reading Art and Science Meet


  • Summer is a time of transitions, the ending of a school year and the goodbyes that go with it,  the preparation for college students heading home, only to leave again as the warmth months unwind. Families meet for vacation and part again. Summer can be a chance to catch our breath, connect, and assess the many changes of the last year. Transitions fill our days in small ways as well, and the attached article offers wonderful ways to use these transition "windows". Big or small transitions, all deserve a moment to reflect and catch our breath as we move through our life.