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SEQUENCE Snapshots

Its seems to early to say the word "Autumn", and yet here we are in September! September 4th to be exact, LABOR DAY! This is a wonderful chance to introduce our fall workshops. We are kicking off the '17-'18 year of programs offered by the Sequence Institute, our training branch of Sequence, with an excellent array of career related choices.

Please visit our Career and Resume Services page for more details and links to take you to each of these programs and their registration site, or click on the dates of the calendar in the right corner of the Career Services or Sequence Institute pages of this website, and you will be lead to our registration links. Or click here to be taken to the Sequence Institute Eventbrite registration site: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/the-sequence-institute-for-learning-and-edu...

Here are the titles of what is coming soon:

CAREER STARTERS: A 1.5 hour workshop offered for young adults and early career job seekers


PARENTING YOUR YOUNG ADULT TO CAREER SUCCESS: A Workshop for Parents. This companion piece is designed to support parents as they in turn support their young adult children to acheive career success and independence


RE-ENTRY & RE-POSITIONING: YOUR NEW CAREER: A 1.5 hour workshop for mid-career adults who are returning to the workforce or are considering a significant career transition. 


FOCUS ON FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: A 2 hour program to review what job opportunities are there currently exist in the federal government, how to seek these positions and what techniques you will need to utilized to apply


CREATE YOUR CAREER: This is a 6 session series of 1 hour brown bag "lunch and learns" that cover specific subjects in detail, from resume writing to interviewing skills ,there is a bit of something for most job seekers. Attend one, or all six.



In the weeks to come there will be updates about our other parenting, couples and wellness offerings. More soon!



What is a career coach and why are there career services at Sequence?

Career Coaches or Counselors are individuals with backgrounds in a range of fields, including counseling, business, human resources, management, employee assistance and more.

Coaches may meet over a period of weeks or even months with an individual, and help in organizing the multiple aspects of job seeking. They may provide a... continue reading Why Career Services?