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Are you feeling anxious or depressed, and worried things can't change for the better?

Would you like to live more mindfully, and be present and connected to the positive aspects of your life?


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SEQUENCE Snapshots

The air outside is frigid, at least for today. Next week? Maybe more of the same, the weather is hard to predict these days. Winter can be a hard time for many of us, so it seems good to recall that winter is a season that allows for growth, just not in ways we may always be able to see. 

A beautiful book for this time of year is Bernd Heinrich's "WINTER WORLD The Ingenuity of Animal Survival". A gift from my father, I find this book full of information about how beautifully designed the animal world is to this season of cold, and the ways this world is easily hidden from all but the most astute observer. Ideas that stem from this book help me understand the workings of all that isaround me, and gives meaning and purpose to the season of wind and ice. 

Each of us would do well to look for the quiet growth and adaptations in ourselves and others during times that may seem to only present challenges. There is much going on unseen by the untrained eye, yet there is always so much to appreciate if we are still, and pay attention.

We at Sequence are quietly busy too, please browse our website, or give us a call, and we'll share all that we are up to during this season of winter growth.


What is a career coach and why are there career services at Sequence?

Career Coaches or Counselors are individuals with backgrounds in a range of fields, including counseling, business, human resources, management, employee assistance and more.

Coaches may meet over a period of weeks or even months with an individual, and help in organizing the multiple aspects of job seeking. They may provide a... continue reading Why Career Services?