SEQUENCE Counseling and Consulting Services offers Mental Health, Wellness and Career Services for adults and older adolescents.

At Sequence we believe in the power of relationships. Your relationship to yourself, to your family, partner or children. Your relationship to your body and to your spirit. Your relationship to your career, your interests and to your values. All of these relationships are interwoven to create the fabric that is you.

You may need help strengthening an area where you are struggling or have had difficulty in your past. You may need help building new skills in an area that is challenging to you. We offer such help.

Our interdisciplinary team of therapists, counselors and coaches are here to address your unique needs. We will assist you as you work through feelings, resolve challenges, overcome traumatic experiences and improve your long-term happiness. 

Each page of this website offers a description of a different area of service and resources designed to support you, wherever you may be in the Sequence of your life journey. We invite you explore what we have to offer.


Sequence therapist and skilled presenter Anchal Khanna MS, LCMFT will be offering therapist training's this fall at the Maryland CEU Institute. You can see the details and register by following these links:



Were you ever told as a child to smile, even when you did not feel like it? I have never been one to encourage behavior that doesn’t feel authentic, or to suggest that only positive feelings are okay to have. So imagine my surprise over these last several years as I have learned that smiling, and other physical behaviors, can actually alter our internal mental state. Smiling can actually bring a more positive outlook and perspective, even if we didn’t have that perspective when we started... continue reading Smile

Sequence Newsletters

  • SEQUENCE is delighted to celebrate our one year anniversary in our wonderful suite.  Our mental health, wellness and career services continue to address the needs of the individuals we serve, in many facets of their lives.