At Sequence you will find services to address your Counseling, Wellness and Career needs.

At the heart of our practice is the goal to provide the range of services which reflect the scope of our lives as adults, and the sequence within which we often face challenges. For young adults starting careers and relationships to mature adults facing transitions at home or work, we are here to help.

We believe in the power of relationships.

Your relationship to yourself, to your family, partner or children. Your relationship to your body and to your spirit. Your relationship to your career, your interests and to your values.

All of these relationships are interwoven to create the fabric of your life.

You may need help strengthening an area where you are struggling or have had difficulty in your past. You may need help building new skills in an area that is challenging to you. We offer such help.

SEQUENCE Snapshots

Sequence therapist and skilled presenter Anchal Khanna MS, LCMFT will be offering therapist training's this fall at the Maryland CEU Institute. You can see the details and register by following these links:


When you have a baby, you will get every piece of advice on choosing the best diapers to the best daycare from well-meaning friends and family. You will hear about sleepless nights, nursing pads, sleep training and anything else that will help you navigate the logistics of having a new baby.  It is seldom, that someone will emphasize to you the importance of ‘Stress Proofing’ your relationship or your marriage when you have a new baby.

According to Dr. John Gottman, a pioneer in the... continue reading STRESS PROOFING BEFORE BABY PROOFING: How to fortify your relationship with your partner when you have a new baby


  • Autumn is a season of change.

    The air around us cools, light softens, and colors brighten to red, orange and gold. We may find ourselves turning inward, preparing our emotional “supply” for the seasons ahead. We may be in new schools or thinking of new jobs or projects to undertake. As fall fills with holiday celebrations of family, the harvest and the New Year ahead, we at Sequence wish you a season of strength, reflection and connection.